It's a Tradition: 4 Tips to Create Your Own Family Traditions

Family traditions provide a way to look back on memories and smile. Many family traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Now that you're getting started on a family of your own, you want to make sure that you have your own traditions to pass down to future generations. Don't think creating your own traditions is possible? Just remember that all traditions begin with one single moment. Here are four suggestions that will help you turn your own single moment into a lasting family tradition.

What Resilience Is And Why You Need It To Be Happy After Going Through Difficult Situations

If you recently went through a traumatic event in your life, such as a divorce or death of a close relative, you may be feeling very sad. Sadness is a normal emotion after something traumatic occurs, but staying sad forever is not healthy. This is why understanding and developing resilience is so important. If you want to feel happier and overcome the problems you are struggling with, visiting a counselor is a great way to help you develop resilience in your life.

Three Tips for Choosing a Homecoming Dress You Love for the Plus-Sized Young Lady

If you are a curvy or plus-sized young lady, finding the right homecoming dress can be exceptionally challenging. While there are more options now than there were just a few years ago, that doesn't mean that good options are everywhere. However, by being aware of the most appropriate styles and fabric, you will be able to choose the perfect dress for your special evening. #1—Pick Something with Thicker Straps So You Can Wear a Regular Bra

FAQs About Adoption And The Father's Consent

One of the challenges that birth mothers can face when choosing adoption is getting the birth father onboard with the idea. If the father does not consent or is unavailable to give his consent, it might still be possible to continue on with the adoption process. If you are facing consent issues with the birth father, here is what you need to know.  What If the Father Does Not Agree?