Three Tips for Choosing a Homecoming Dress You Love for the Plus-Sized Young Lady

If you are a curvy or plus-sized young lady, finding the right homecoming dress can be exceptionally challenging. While there are more options now than there were just a few years ago, that doesn't mean that good options are everywhere. However, by being aware of the most appropriate styles and fabric, you will be able to choose the perfect dress for your special evening.

#1—Pick Something with Thicker Straps So You Can Wear a Regular Bra

As a plus-sized young lady, you are likely curvy everywhere. Unfortunately, while there are a wide variety of strapless bras in almost any size that can easily go under almost any dress, you could still find a strapless bra going south in the middle of your dancing, bending over, or even standing still. 

Instead of risking embarrassment and an emergency trip to the ladies' room, pick a dress that you can easily wear your favorite bra under. You will save money because you won't have to buy a bra that you might not wear for another six months, and you will feel more comfortable while you are at the dance. 

#2—Do Not Be Afraid to Have Any Dress You Choose Professionally Altered

One fact that many people never think about is that movie and television stars almost always look good for the cameras, regardless of their dress size or weight, because they have their clothing tailored. If you find a great dress at a great price, but it does not drape as well as you would like, do not be afraid to ask a professional to look at it for you. Many department stores and private shops have a seamstress on staff who might be able to make the dress you like into the dress you will never forget.   

#3—Do Not Hide in the Dress—Show Off How Beautiful You Are

It is easy to think that a long dress that is almost shapeless is the best option for you as a plus-sized young woman, but the truth is that you are bound to have curves, and it is okay to show them off. For instance, a dress that nips in at the waist can emphasize your hourglass figure, and built-in bodice darts can show off your bust line discreetly. Your homecoming dance is a big night, and you should feel as beautiful as you are on it. If the dress you try on doesn't do that for you, it is not the right dress.

In conclusion, a homecoming dance is a wondrous event in every young woman's life. If you are finding that finding a flattering dress is difficult, you will want to be aware of the information provided above before your next shopping trip.

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