It's a Tradition: 4 Tips to Create Your Own Family Traditions

Family traditions provide a way to look back on memories and smile. Many family traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Now that you're getting started on a family of your own, you want to make sure that you have your own traditions to pass down to future generations. Don't think creating your own traditions is possible? Just remember that all traditions begin with one single moment. Here are four suggestions that will help you turn your own single moment into a lasting family tradition.

Focus on What You Love

If you and your family have a favorite pastime activity, such as camping or skiing, create a tradition that revolves around that activity. Perhaps you enjoy going to the beach in the winter. Make it a family tradition to go to the beach for a bonfire on one particular day each winter. Your kids will grow up cherishing their annual trip to the shore.

Focus on Family Night

If your family is like most, there are probably a million activities crammed into each week. Unfortunately, most of those activities probably don't involve the family, especially if you have work, school and other commitments. Focus on bringing your family together one night a week. Clear the schedule, put away all the electronic devices, and focus on the family. That one family night a week can become a tradition that your kids will pass down to their own kids.

Focus on a Milestone

When you have kids, there are hundreds of milestones to arrive at. First tooth, first step, first day being potty-trained, and so forth. Use one of those milestones to create a family tradition. Perhaps you could enjoy a family outing to purchase big-kid undies each time a child is successfully potty-trained. Or perhaps you want to have a one-on-one birthday breakfast at a restaurant on each child's birthday. Whatever milestone you decide to build your tradition around, make it one that's important to you and your family.

Focus on a Moment

If you and your family enjoys silly outbursts, create a family tradition that reflects that silliness. Instead of the typical hug you could give when you send your kids off to school, perhaps you could add a silly face or sound to the mix. All you have to do is make the moment special to you and your family.

Now that you're starting out with a family of your own, take the time to create family traditions that your kids can look back on with fondness. Use the tips provided here to help you get started making memories, and then consider sharing them, perhaps through an organization such as Our Family Tradition.